This Week in Texas: June 23, 2021

Posted June 23, 2021 in The Mignon Memo

Governor Abbott Sets Date for Special Session

Gov. Greg Abbott has set a special session of the Texas Legislature starting July 8, his office announced yesterday.

Abbott’s office did not specify what legislative priorities will be included on the special session agenda and said in an advisory that such items “will be announced before the convening of the special session.”

Abbott has already said that he plans to ask state lawmakers to work on two priority elections and bail bills that died in the final hours of the regular legislative session. More recently, Abbott has said the Legislature’s overtime round will also include further restricting in schools the teaching of critical race theory, which refers to an academic discipline that views race as a social construct.

Veto Period Ends – Legislature Budget Defunded

Governor Abbott considered over 1,000 bills passed by legislators in the 87th Legislative Session.

By the end of the veto period Sunday, June 20th, he vetoed 20 bills plus Article 10 of the state budget which covers funding for the Texas Legislature, its staff, and legislative agencies.

In all, Abbott signed 1,034 bills, and let 105 become law without his signature.

Eva Guzman Running for Texas Attorney General

Former Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman officially entered the Republican primary race for Texas attorney general. Guzman says she will contrast the respect she’s gained over 22 years as a lawyer and judge with the legal problems and pending criminal charges of GOP incumbent Ken Paxton.

“My campaign will be about credibility. Judges care about credibility. They care about it a lot. When you walk into the courtroom, and you’ve built a reputation for honor, for integrity, you have immediate credibility,” Guzman said.

Guzman, 60, who resigned from the state’s highest civil court less than two weeks ago, joins Land Commissioner George P. Bush in the primary against Paxton.

Only in Austin…

Mark your calendars: The 11th annual Texas Tribune Festival will be the third full week of September, kicking off on Monday the 20th and concluding on Saturday the 25th.

The event will include conversations about education, health care, infrastructure, energy, climate, immigration, ethics, and more. Guest speakers will focus on the aftermath of the winter storm, the winding down of the pandemic, and the comeback of the economy.