This Week in Texas: March 17, 2021

Posted March 17, 2021 in The Mignon Memo

And the Results Are…

Last Friday was the last day for House members to file their bills. After the dust settled, a total of 6,919 bills and joint resolutions had been filed.

We compiled the following statistics to show you the breakdown:

Committee Hearings Are in Full Swing

From electricity and energy-related legislation to healthcare, education, workforce development, and many more, both chambers of the Legislature have been hearing bills this week.

We expect many more hearings in the weeks to come. Many of these bills will be debated on the floor of the Texas House and Senate very soon.

Blue Books Are Here!

The “Blue Books” for the 87th Legislative Session have arrived.
What are blue books you ask?

Every session, the Texas Legislative Service (TLS) produces this handy blue-book, which is an up-to-date Capitol directory. It is the perfect Capitol guide that gets us around the Capitol. We keep them on us at all times.

Only in Austin…

The Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) announced last week that all state parks will return to normal capacity in time for spring and summer camping seasons.

Texas State Parks “have begun a strategic and thoughtful process of expanding capacity statewide” as Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to open the state 100% go into effect Wednesday, officials said.