This Week in Texas: March 10, 2021

Posted March 10, 2021 in The Mignon Memo

Bill Filings Are Ramping Up

Friday, March 12, is the 60th day of session, which means it is the last day for House members to file their bills.

As of Tuesday evening, House members have filed 3,584 bills–815 of them in the last 3 days, while the Senate has 1,355 up for consideration, an overall 37% decrease from 2019.

While some bills are sillier than others (I’m looking at you, HCR 32!), we surely have our work cut out for us.

Capitol Mask Requirements Are Changing

Gov. Greg Abbott’s announced last week that he will be reversing the statewide mask mandate and reopening businesses to 100% capacity.
While the rapid-testing tent outside the North entrance of the Texas Capitol will remain, starting today, masks will no longer be required in public spaces at the Capitol. Instead, the officials “will strongly encourage all visitors to wear masks.”

“We’ve been very mindful in the House to try to be as open and transparent as possible with the public,” Phelan said. “We don’t want to decide and vote on bills that impact 29 million people, without hearing from 29 million people who have to live underneath those laws.”

Speaker Phelan Unveils ERCOT Reform Bills

Seven House Bills (HB 10-17) have been filed in the Texas House related to the reformation of ERCOT and the Public Utility Commission, winterizing facilities and natural gas infrastructure, and banning variable utility rate plans.

“I am proud the Texas House is leading the charge in protecting consumers, fortifying our grid, and creating clear lines of communication and authority during extreme weather events,” said Speaker Phelan. “We must take accountability, close critical gaps in our system, and prevent these breakdowns from ever happening again.”

Only in Austin…

SXSW is finally returning after being canceled last year. However, the 2021 festival will be completely online.
Check out the complete lineup on the SXSW website and register today to gain access!