This Week in Texas: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Posted March 6, 2019 in The Mignon Memo

HB 3: House Proposes School Finance Reform Bill

The House’s school finance reform bill, HB 3, was filed by Rep. Dan Huberty on Tuesday. The bill would send more state money to public schools and lower school property tax rates. It would also help districts fund free full-day pre-K for certain students and send more money to school districts with higher concentrations of disadvantaged students. Read more on the bill here.


Do you agree with your fellow Texans?

The Texas Tribune and the University of Texas polled a group of Texas voters on property tax reform, the quality of our public education, and more. Read the results here.


Special Election Results For HD-145

The results are in for the special election to decide Texas HD-145 in Houston! Democrat Christina Morales will be replacing Carol Alvarado, who was elected to the Texas Senate in November. Read more about the race here.


Only in Austin – When Life Gives You Lemons

8-year-old Branson Burton testified last week in support of HB 234, which would make it easier for kids to operate lemonade stands. “This bill would support me and other kids to have the chance to start their own lemonade business without having to….pay for city permits and being worried about getting in trouble with the health department,” he testified. See Branson in action here.