This Week in Texas: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Posted August 21, 2017 in The Mignon Memo

Wondering how the rules apply during a special session?




Rule 4, Section 11 (Posting Rule) — 24 hours instead of 5 days

“No committee or subcommittee, including a calendars committee, shall assemble for the purpose of a public hearing during a special session unless notice of the hearing has been posted in accordance with the rules at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing.”


Rule 4, Section 29 (Minority Report) — One day instead of two days during last week

“…..except during the last 15 calendar days of a regular session, or the last 7 calendar days of a special session, when the chief clerk shall hold a bill only one calendar day, exclusive of Sunday and the date of committee action, awaiting the filing of a minority report before the bill is filed away as dead.”


Rule 5, Section 28 (Debate Limits) — 10 minute limit during last 5 days

“During the last 10 calendar days of the regular session, and the last 5 calendar days of a special session, Sundays excepted, all speeches shall be limited to 10 minutes and shall not be extended.”


Rule 6, Section16 (Calendar Layout) — 24 hours instead of 36 hours

“A calendar must be posted on the electronic legislative information system at least 36 hours if convened in regular session and 24 hours if convened in special session before the calendar may be considered by the house, except as otherwise provided by these rules for the calendar on which the general appropriations bill is first eligible for consideration on second reading when convened in regular session.”


Rule 8, Section 7 (Prefiling) — 30 days before

“Beginning the first Monday after the general election preceding the next regular legislative session, or within 30 days prior to any special session, it shall be in order to file with the chief clerk bills and resolutions for introduction in that session.”


Rule 8, Section 14 (Committee Report Layout) — 24 hours instead of 36 hours

“Each bill or resolution, except the general appropriations bill, shall be delivered to each member by making a copy of the bill or resolution available in an electronic format for viewing by the member and, when the electronic format copy of the appropriate printing becomes available, by sending notice of that fact to a Capitol e-mail address designated by the member, at least 36 hours if convened in regular session and 24 hours if convened in special session before the bill can be considered by the house on second reading. If a member informs the chief clerk in writing that the member desires to receive paper copies of bills and resolutions under this section in addition to delivery in an electronic format, the chief clerk shall place a paper copy of the bill or resolution in the newspaper box of the member as soon as practicable after the electronic copies of the bill or resolution are made available for viewing. A printed copy of the general appropriations bill shall be placed in the newspaper mailbox of each member at least 168 hours during a regular session and at least 72 hours during a special session before the bill can be considered by the house on second reading.”


Rule 10, Section 7 (Resolutions) — HRs and HCRs need not be in the call

“The subject matter of house resolutions and concurrent resolutions does not have to be submitted by the governor in a called session before they can be considered.”


Rule 13, Section 9(f)(2)

(f) Limitations imposed on certain conference committees by the provisions of this section may be suspended in part by permission of the house to allow consideration of and action on a specific matter or matters which otherwise would be prohibited. Permission shall be granted only by resolution passed by majority vote of the house. All such resolutions shall be privileged in nature and need not be referred to a committee. The introduction of such a resolution shall be announced from the house floor and the resolution shall be eligible for consideration by the house:

(1) three hours after a copy of the resolution has been distributed to each member; or

(2) for a resolution suspending limitations on a conference committee considering the general appropriations bill, 48 hours in a regular session and 24 hours in a special session after a copy of the resolution has been distributed to each member.


As for the Senate? Well, the rules have always been a bit more bendy over there.


Yesterday the Senate suspended the rules to suspend the “tag” rule, allowing for the Sunset bill to be immediately heard in the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. The Sunset bill, continuing the Texas Medical Board and a few other licensing boards, is on its way to the Senate floor. To read more…


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