This Week in Texas: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Posted May 20, 2015 in The Mignon Memo

The Final Countdown – Regular Session officially ends June 1 at Midnight.

–  Governor Greg Abbott vetoed his first piece of legislation this week, a resolution recognizing mental health professionals during National Health Month. The resolution contained language regarding certain billing practices and codes. Abbott said the added language would create law and is outside the scope of a ceremonial resolution.

–   Open carry legislation is heading to the floor of the Texas Senate after being approved by the Senate State Affairs committee on Monday. The legislation will allow licensed gun owners to openly carry handguns. Proponents of “campus carry” may use this bill as a vehicle for an amendment that would allow concealed weapons on university and college campuses.

–   An investigation into illegally registered committee witnesses is ongoing. Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) came under fire when witnesses registered to testify about his red light bill were not present at the Capitol. Although Stickland’s attorney says the State Representative has been cleared of wrongdoing, the Travis County DA says the DPS investigation is still in final review.

–  Banning the ban: Governor Abbott signed legislation known as the Denton Fracking bill on Monday, preventing local municipalities from banning hydraulic fracking. Local and State authorities across the country have wrestled for control over fracking as the drilling method expands.

–   Hannah Giles and husband Joseph Basel, co-founders of the foundation that has been covertly filming Texas legislators, spoke to Texas Monthly about their motivations and goals. They hope their videos “disrupt the narrative.”

–   After weeks of tense negotiations over the tax cuts, sources say the House and Senate have agreed to implement some form of property tax relief. Lawmakers disagree about the appropriate timeline for rolling out the state’s new tax plan but, with the end of session looming, both chambers are under the gun to reach a compromise.


Only in Austin…

The Omelettry, Austin, Texas

After 30+ years of serving North Austin residents at their Burnet location, The Omelettery is moving to a new location.  Austin’s favorite egg haven will now be serving-up their famous breakfasts on Airport Boulevard. The Omelettry can only be described as old-school. A simple menu of cooked-to-order items has remained largely unchanged since the joint opened in 1978.  The new location will be up and running in mid to late May.