This Week in Texas – March 4, 2015

Posted March 4, 2015 in The Mignon Memo

March Madness – Capitol Edition

  • How sweet it is to be a Texan. Legislators celebrated Texas Independence Day with 1,836 donuts in the shape of the Texas flag.


  • “Let’s make this simple.” That’s what transportation officials are saying with a new single-sticker system. The new policy, streamlining vehicle inspection and registration, was approved in 2013 to bundle these certifications into one process, with one sticker. The new system came into effect Sunday, March 1.
  • Tax relief sounds a lot better than it feels, just ask the state budget writers. Senators from both parties took aim at the state’s business franchise tax this week, but killing it may be easier said than done. Eliminating this tax might offer some relief to companies but it would also blow a $9 billion hole in the budget.
  • No Vacancy. Four midterm special-election runoffs have filled the empty seats in the Texas Legislature. Diego Bernal (D-San Antonio), John Cyrier (R-Lexington), and Leighton Schubert (R-Caldwell) were sworn into the Texas House of Representative yesterday. Senator Elect Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) will be sworn in later today.
  • Texans take pride in their bluebonnets, Lone Stars, and mockingbirds. These traditional symbols may soon be joined by a new one. Elliott Naishtat (Austin) created a buzz recently when he put forth a bill designating the western honey bee as the official State Pollinator of Texas.

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