College Football Fun Facts

Posted September 17, 2012 in The Latest

College Football is upon us! What better time to post some fun facts about it’s history?!

  1. The first Orange Bowl was played during 1935, between the University of
    Miami, and Manhattan College.  To conserve cash, Manhattan went on a three day
    boat ride to Miami.
  2. In the early 1940s, names for the college football bowls included the Raisin
    Bowl, Salad Bowl, and the Oil Bowl.
  3. The biggest blowout in college football occurred in 1916, when Georgia Tech
    ripped Cumberland by a score of 222 – 0.  The game was called with fifteen
    minutes left.
  4. Field goals in college football were originally worth five points.  They
    were reduced to four points in 1904, and three points in 1909.
  5. The University of California Santa Cruz mascot is the Banana Slug.
  6. Yale holds the record for the most championships won, with 19 titles under
    their belts. They haven’t won a championship since 1927.
  7. Ted, a real bear who was the first mascot for Baylor, was donated to the
    school in 1917 by a businessman who won it in a poker match.
  8. There are no kicking tees in college football. They were banned in 1988.
  9. Paul Bear Bryant, a longtime coach for the University of Alabama, once
    declared that he would croak in a week if he ever stopped coaching football.
    Surprisingly true to his prediction, he died 27 days after he coached his last
  10. 30% of tailgators never make it inside of the stadium.