This Week in Texas: October 6th, 2010

Posted October 6, 2010 in The Mignon Memo

On Monday, 30 day reports were due at the Texas Ethics Commission for all candidates with an opponent on the November 2nd general election ballot. These reports are often revealing, showing how much candidates have raised and spent, and how much cash they have on hand. Keep in mind that the totals can reflect some gamesmanship, with donations or expenses being delayed until the next reporting cycle. Another report is required eight days prior to the general election so there is still time for big donations and big spending by candidates.

Gov. Rick Perry reported having close to $10 million on hand, after raising $8.26 million in the reporting period. Challenger Bill White has $2.75 million cash on hand after raising $4.68 million. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of this money is going towards television advertising. Expect that to continue until the day of the general election.

Last week, we listed 11 of the most competitive races in the Texas House. Below is an update on the incumbent’s available funds as well as their challenger’s funds, based on their campaign finance reports filed this Monday:
Candidate: $ on hand, $ raised
HD 3:
Rep. Mark Homer (D-Paris) 149,782; 118,880
Erwin Cain (R) 253,378; 265,945

HD 47:
Rep. Valinda Bolton (D-Austin) 107,946; 112,962
Paul Workman (R) 134,623; 152,480

HD 52:
Rep. Diana Maldonado (D-Round Rock) 192,627; 134,265
Larry Gonzales (R) 231,175; 260,796

HD 78:
Rep. Joe Moody (D-El Paso) 63,747; 110,278
Dee Margo (R) 192,353; 185,121

Rep. Joe Heflin (D-Crosbyton) 82,659; 113,568
Jim Landtroop (R) 103,855; 146,911

HD 96:
Rep. Chris Turner (D-Arlington) 279,993; 122,837
Bill Zedler (R) 103,783; 130,158

Rep. Robert Miklos (D-Mesquite) 51,975; 97,435
Cindy Burkett (R) 19,910; 194,950

Rep. Carol Kent (D-Dallas) 147,532; 91,696
Stefani Carter (R) 66,936; 239,207

Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving) 117,752; 186,834
Loretta Haldenwang (D) 27,458; 80,900

Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland) 129,428; 112,654
Jamie Dorris (D) 25,638; 54,986

Rep. Kristi Thibaut (D-Houston) 84,981; 152,862
Jim Murphy (R) 225,030; 232,501